Confessions of an Introvert

Confessions of an Introvert by popular Los Angeles style blogger The LA Survival GuideI am an introvert.  It’s something that I’ve always known and never really liked about myself.  Chances are that if we’ve met, you may never realize it (you might even find me extroverted) because I’ve become pretty good at hiding it.  But, the truth is that I’m more comfortable speaking to a crowd of a thousand than I am walking into a room of a dozen strangers.  Continue reading “Confessions of an Introvert”

Telling Stories

Telling Stories by popular LA fashion blogger The LA Survival GuideI received the best compliment the other day.  After hearing me speak, a friend emailed me to say that I was “incredible at telling stories.”  As someone who loves nothing more than a good story, but has never prided myself on my ability to tell one, I was incredibly flattered.  After all, what is more interesting than a well-told story? Continue reading “Telling Stories”

Out of Office

Out of Office by popular Los Angeles style blogger The LA Survival GuideI had grand plans for vacation.  I would spend the week in Cabo writing (at least a post a day), reading and catching up on the past month I spent under a rock (more on that in a minute).  The trip did not go as planned.  I wrote zero blog posts, read about 25% of one book and caught up on very little. Continue reading “Out of Office”

Vivian Chan Style: Lucky Duck

Vivian Chan: Lucky Duck by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger The LA Survival GuideLife is good.  I’d be the first to tell you that I’ve hit the jackpot in so many ways.  I’m not boasting, just thankful for all of life’s blessings.  I thank my lucky stars for quite a bit and high on my list is The LA Survival Guide.  When I started this little blog a few years ago, it wasn’t with any intentions beyond creative expression and getting over a breakup, both of which it heartily satisfied. Continue reading “Vivian Chan Style: Lucky Duck”

29Rooms – Part 1

29Rooms - Part 1 by popular Los Angeles blogger The LA Survival GuideHappy 2018!  Though I’m not one for resolutions (they’re too easy to break and thus, elicit disappointment), I am a fan of setting goals.  The new year is always a good time to evaluate where I am and where I’d like to head.  The goals I’ve come up with so far are unsurprisingly varying, both in their aim and specificity. Continue reading “29Rooms – Part 1”

Give Thanks

Believe it or not, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition has nothing to do with the food.  Much as I love a good slice of pumpkin pie (which my mother forgot this year btw), my favorite ritual begins before the dinner is served. Continue reading “Give Thanks”

Legally Brunette

The other day, I read that Legally Blonde just celebrated its 15th anniversary.  Last year.  This made me feel super old.  And uninformed.  It also made me think that, while I’ve always appreciated the quick-witted flick, I’m currently living out a bit of Legally Blonde myself.  Or “Legally Brunette,” if you will.  Sixteen years after the fact. Continue reading “Legally Brunette”