Welcome to The LA Survival Guide

Michele_LoBosco156_HRWelcome to The LA Survival Guide, a hard-hitting rulebook for navigating the dog eat dog world of Los Angeles.  Not really.  Although I will tell you the best places to brunch with your dog.  An Angeleno for over a decade, I fancy myself somewhat of an expert in the ways of LA.  In a town where appearance is everything, I’ll help you figure out what to wear to each and every occasion, be it a bonfire in Venice or drinks at the Chateau.  And, I’ll show you how to do it whether you’re on the salary of a production assistant or a studio head.  Where it’s as (or more) important how you look in your clothes as it is how you look out of them, I’ll turn you on to my favorite fitness moves and beauty secrets.  And, perhaps most importantly, I’ll show you how to escape out of LA when the sunshine and celebrity become too much to take.  Remember, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.  Welcome to LA, babe.



Photo by Michele LoBosco

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