Love at Second Sight

Michele_LoBosco159_HRIt was love at first sight when I saw this outfit. Well, almost. The ruffled, off-the-shoulder sleeves were beyond. The cropped top and high waisted skirt were spot-on. But, the skirt fell all the way to my ankles. From the waist up, adorable perfection. Below the belt, Dowdy McFrumpenstein. Near perfection, it just slightly missed the mark. Luckily, ever creative and collaborative vintage maven Shareen Mitchell was not the least bit insulted when I suggested we do the unthinkable: chop her one-of-a-kind creation in half. This major alteration resulted in one of my all time favorite outfits: ruffled cuteness on the top, flouncy playfulness on the bottom. Perfect.
Side note: my mother says that the pink, heart-decorated sandals and charm bracelet make this outfit look clownish.  I beg to differ.  However, if moderation is you thing, might I suggest pairing it with these Stuart Weitzman or Gap wedges and a simple bracelet?  Equally cute, just not so over the top.

Shareen Again skirt and top (similar $$, similar $$, similar $$$, similar $$$), Viktor & Rolf for h&m heels (similar $, similar $$$similar $$$$), charm bracelet (similar $, similar $$, similar $$$) with charms collected over 20 years, XIV Karats necklace (similar$$$$), Catbird and ginette_ny rings (similar), YSL Glossy Stain in 29 on lips, Essie First Dance on nailsMichele_LoBosco162_HR Michele_LoBosco167_HR Michele_LoBosco172_HR Michele_LoBosco161_HR Michele_LoBosco168_HR Michele_LoBosco157_HRHair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington, Nails by Bellacures

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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