Worth Fighting For

AS9A9764_LRLocal bag designer Clare Vivier recently held her first LA sample sale and, in a sweaty parking lot in Atwater Village, things got real.  Or as real as things can get when we’re talking about clutch shopping.  Let’s just say, I’ve been to more than my share of sample sales and this was the first one where I actually got shoved.  To be fair, the deals were pretty awesome.  Shoving awesome, I don’t know.  I did walk away with my dignity more or less in tact, plus a number of adorable handbags.  The right purse can elevate a look from “meh” to “ooh.”  Which is why it was worth withstanding the debauchery for this striped number.

Clare Vivier Simple Tote (similar on sale $$similar $$$$), T by Alexander Wang t-shirt (similar $similar $$), Paige Denim cutoffs (similar $similar $$$), Superga Classic Lamé sneakers in gold (similar $similar $$, similar $$), Kelly Wearstler bracelet (similar), heart friendship bracelet gifted from Mexico (similar $, similar $$), XIV Karats necklace (similar), Catbird and ginette_ny rings (similar), BECCA Beach Tint in Fig on lipsAS9A9841_HR AS9A9835_LR AS9A9803_LR AS9A9794_HR

Hair by Drybar, makeup by Blushington, Nails by Bellacures

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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