All Over Overalls

AS9A2617_HROveralls have been all over the place for a while now.  Once reserved for the playground or farm crews, mothers, daughters and everyone in between are now sporting them.  Though quite cute with a pair of flats or tennies, this is not always the most flattering look for those of us under 5’10.  A less-than-kind pal might also suggest that you look like a dude.  Which is why I sometimes like to dress mine up with a sexy pair of heels.  Not only does this make your body a little less dumpy, it also lends a bit of femininity to this otherwise tomboyish trend.  Couple those heels with a crop top and a lace bra strap and I dare anyone to mistake you for your kid brother again.



Topshop overalls (similar $$, similar $$$), Topshop crop top (similar $, similar $$), Cosabella bra (similar $), Zara leopard heels (similar $similar $$), Kelly Wearstler bracelets (similar $$), XIV Karats necklace (similar$$$$), Catbird and ginette_ny rings (similar), BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon on lips, Essie Spin the Bottle on nailsAS9A2533_HR AS9A2579_HR AS9A2574_HR AS9A2543_HR AS9A2542_HR

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington, Nails by Bellacures

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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