The A Team


I have never been an athlete.  Sure, I was a ballerina and now I teach Pilates, but I mean someone who can catch a ball.  (I realize how pathetic it is that my sole qualification for being a jock is the ability to catch a ball.  But, it’s more than I can do.)  After a childhood spent as last pick, a letterman jacket was definitely out of the question.  Which is why I was so quick to jump on the bandwagon when I saw that these puppies were back in style.  No longer an accessory of the athletic elite, all you need now is a credit card to join the varsity squad.  I like to think the “A” stands for athlete.  Maybe that makes me an “A” hole.  Whatever.  Either way, I earned that “A.”



Topshop varsity jacket (similar $, similar $$$$), LNA v neck t-shirt (similar $), J Brand legging jeans (similar $), Lanvin flats (similar $, similar $$$$), XIV Karats necklace (similar $similar $$$$), Catbird and ginette_ny rings (similar), YSL Glossy Stain in 29 on lips, Essie Spin the Bottle on nailsAS9A0379_HRAS9A0286_HRAS9A0360_LRAS9A0334_LR

Hair by DryBar, Makeup by Blushington, Nails by Bellacures

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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