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los angeles fitness, pilates, la model, fitness model, lululemon, fitness blog, workout, yogaWelcome to your weekly guide to looking good in and out of what is hopefully becoming an expertly curated wardrobe.  In a town where sleeveless is appropriate at least nine months out of the year, I will key you in to the newest places to stay fit.  As a Pilates instructor and former ballerina, I will share my favorite moves for keeping everything high and tight (sans surgery).  As someone who uses the phrase “on the side” on a daily basis, I’ll also keep you abreast of the best recipes and restaurants for staying svelte. In a city where it is as common to hear “Who are you wearing?” in the yoga studio as it is on the red carpet, I’ll help you find the most flattering and stylish workout attire.  Because here, it’s totally acceptable to wear your Lululemon all the live long day.  And I’m gonna make sure you look good doing it.



Photo by Michele LoBosco

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