Top 10- Items I Wear Way Too Often

AS9A4297_LRYou may be under the impression that I have an expansive wardrobe.  This is absolutely true.  If you look more closely, you may also realize that I keep a number of the pieces on constant replay.  I have a ton of options, but I’m human.  I gravitate towards the same few items again and again.  With that in mind, here are the top 10 most used and abused articles in my closet.


Camille_172_LR1.   Oliver Peoples aviators– I have 8 million pairs of sunglasses.  But 99% of the time, I’m hiding behind these.  They go with everything and are cool in an “I don’t care” kind of way.Camille054_LR2.   Zara leopard pumps– When in doubt, wear leopard.  I treat this animal print as another neutral in my closet.  I wear it everywhere with everything.  AS9A9597_LR3.   Kelly Wearstler painted cardigan– I apply my aforementioned leopard rule to pretty much all patterns.  Wear them with everything.  Solids, other patterns, it doesn’t matter.  I find myself throwing on this metallic-splattered cardigan again and again.  It kind of goes with nothing and everything at the same time.AS9A3792_LR4.   Gold jewelry- You will never catch me without my tiny Catbird and XIV Karats rings and necklaces.  A few of them have special meanings; plus I just like a little bit of sparkle on me at all times.  This Artelier cuff is a more recent addition, but I wear it daily.  It reminds me to keep traveling and is a placeholder until I am brave enough to replace it with this tattoo.AS9A8843_LR5.   Knit gown– I obviously don’t wear this all the time.  But, when I need a gown that’s guaranteed to turn heads, this is my go-to.  It fits like a glove, has a train for extra drama and is a little bit see-through in all the right places.  Basically, it’s a showstopper.  AS9A9978_LR6.   Vintage reconstructed army jacket– Others may disagree, but I believe that this jacket goes with absolutely everything.  I would honestly pair it with every single item in my closet, from sweatpants to a ball gown.  It is that versatile.  Or else I just have a very strange sense of style.  But, that’s a matter of opinion.AS9A6838_LR7.   Vivian Chan “Rosie” skort– Ugh.  I wish that I was wearing this right now.  It’s not a skirt, it’s not shorts.  It’s some genius hybrid of the two and I can’t stop wearing it.  Unfortunately, it’s being cleaned as I just wore it on Monday.  Fortunately, I also own it in mint and black, so I don’t ever have to suffer without my Rosie.AS9A1919_LR8.   Toms leopard high tops– I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Leopard goes with everything.  You saw one of my dressy pairs of leopard shoes.  (Yes, I own more than one.)  Here are my throw-ons when I need something more casual.AS9A2324_LR9.   Viva Aviva “Magnolia” crop top– I had been searching for the perfect white crop top for forever.  This was love at first sight.  I have been getting a lot of mileage out of this baby all summer (and summerish fall).  I plan on layering it over long sleeves should LA ever decide to cool down.AS9A8629_LR10.   Striped cardigan + For Love & Lemons bralette– My last one is a tossup between this oversized cardigan and lacy bralette.  I love snuggling up in a big sweater.  I constantly carry one with me, no matter the temperature.  This bold striped number is one of my faves.  And I adore little sneak peeks of lingerie.  No one makes those glimpses more tantalizing than For Love & Lemons.

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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