The Struggle is Real


I am really struggling right now.  Well, not in the traditional sense, but I got your attention right?  It’s one of my favorite times of the year and, knock on wood, everything is going well.  But I am having challenges in terms of my blog. Two main ones really- time and inspiration.  Although this is not yet my full time career, I still strive to treat it as such.  Which is difficult given the fact that I actually do have another full time job.  Marry that with the fact that, when I finally do have the chance to sit down and write, I oftentimes have absolutely nothing clever to say.  Basically, I am having a tough time scheduling creativity.  Take this very post.  I am literally writing about how sometimes I have nothing to write about.  Groundbreaking stuff.  But, all the same, I believe that it’s something that a lot of people can relate to.  I know most creatives have been there.  It’s like, you have to make a living to support yourself.  But what you really want to do isn’t paying the bills.  So you take another job to earn a living while you attempt to develop your craft on the side. But you’re so exhausted from your job that it becomes nearly impossible to pursue your passion.  Tricky stuff.  And I suppose that I could allow my blog to take a backseat but the fact of the matter is that I really love it.  My blog is one of the best things in my life right now.  So I find it frustrating and disappointing when I am unable to work on it regularly.  Alas, such is life.  Sorry for the rant.  But, like I said, sometimes I just can’t think of anything good to say.


Current/Elliott moto jacket (similar $, similar $$), vintage t-shirt (similar $, similar $$), L’ecole des Femmes suspender pleated skirt, Zara leopard heels, bodychain (similar $,similar $$), Artelier World Cuff, XIV Karats necklace (similar $$$$), Seoul Little “Los Angeles” necklaceCatbird, XIV Karats and ginette_ny rings (similar), NARS lipstick in Heat WaveAS9A3010_LR AS9A3032_LR AS9A3052_LR AS9A3048_LR

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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