AS9A0318_LRI am told that every family has their own embarrassing holiday traditions.  Yet, I still have the sneaking suspicion that my family’s are stranger than most.  Observe.  Exhibit A- Every year, for as long as I can recall, one of my uncles (who shall remain nameless) and his son receive unmarked, twin packages.  They unwrap the gifts to reveal matching pairs of teeny, European boy swimsuits.  Which they proceed to place on their heads and dance around while the family bursts into a butchered rendition of Fiddler on the Roof’s “Tradition.”  Why we do this is entirely lost on me.  But somehow, those same two pairs of trunks appear annually.  Exhibit B- Though perhaps not as dramatic, this one is equally odd in it’s own right.  Every Christmas, my parents, sister and I all don matching plaid kilts.  Well, the girls sport kilts and my father wears his own complimentary tie, trousers or vest, depending on the year.  Again, I have no idea why we do this.  We are not of Scottish decent, so it’s not a nod to our heritage or anything like that.  Apparently, my mother went to Scotland when my sister and I were itty bitty and returned with a slew of kilts in every size.  Thus, no matter our age, there has always been a kilt that was just our size.  While this was something my sister and I fought as teens, it has been a tradition we’ve come to enjoy as adults.  It helps that kilts are actually kind of stylish.  I personally get a kick out of putting my own spin on the plaid skirt each year.  This year, I’m thinking leather and lace as a nod to British Punk.  That’s the fun thing about traditions.  No matter how embarrassing, there’s something special about sharing these rituals with your closest cohorts.  And, despite how much they may make us blush as kids, it really a gift to carry on and make them our own as adults.



Mason by Michelle Mason leather jacket (similar $$, similar $$$$), Vivian Chan “Angelina” turtleneck (similar $, similar $$), vintage kilt (similar $, similar $$$), lace tights (similar $), Catbird, XIV Karats and ginette_ny rings (similar), NARS lipstick in Heat WaveAS9A0328_LR AS9A0341_LR AS9A0348_LR AS9A0332_LR

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

Lodging at Mama Shelter

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