Top 10- Quick Tips for Upping Your Style Game

AS9A6820_LRThe day I went live with The LA Survival Guide, I resigned myself to a sartorial life.  When people know you’re a fashion blogger, they expect you to constantly be, well…fashionable.  This is oftentimes very fun, as it grants me the license to experiment.  Other times, when I’m feeling less than creative, it can be trying.  For those occasions, I rely on a few tricks to look stylish in a jiff.  Here are my Top 10 Quick Tips for Upping Your Style Game.



Camille_183_LR1.     Put a bow on it- Lately, I’ve been reaching for these skinny scarves.  I tie them around my head, loop them around my neck, whatever.  They add an unexpected, playful element that takes your outfit up a notch.

AS9A6680_LR2.     Oldies but goodies- Vintage is always cool.  No one else will ever have it and nothing beats exclusivity.

AS9A3119_LR3.     One and done- A monochromatic ensemble is one of the easiest ways to up your style game.  For whatever reason, wearing a single shade from head to toe is incredibly striking.  And it makes getting dressed a cinch.

Camille_121_LR4.     Layer, layer, layer-  Whenever I look in the mirror and think that something’s missing, chances are it’s another layer.

AS9A3086_LR5.     Don’t be scared- Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.  Those pieces that you might get teased for (take it from someone who still raises eyebrows regularly), may end up being your most sartorial styles.

AS9A3246_LR6.     Jump around- Throwing on a jumpsuit is as mindless at slipping on a dress, but a little bit cooler and less conventional.  I just love that I don’t have to match my top to my pants.  The jumpsuit takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Camile_25_LR0157.     Mix and match-  Speaking of matching, don’t.  At least, don’t do it if you don’t want to turn heads.  In a good way, of course.

AS9A0985_LR8.     Pile it on- Accessories are a super fun and easy way to set yourself apart.  Big bonus- they work on every shape and size.

AS9A6612_LR9.     Grab your go-to- I have a few go-to items that I gravitate towards again and again.  Make sure you have a couple in your arsenal for those moments where you know something is missing from your outfit, but you can’t put your finger on what it is.  It’s probably one of your go-tos.

Camille_095_LR (1)10.  Old faithful- When in doubt, jeans and a t-shirt are an easy, timeless cool.

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