Gimme a Break

AS9A0357_LRYesterday, as I was walking Pip, I saw a homeless man sleeping under a tree.  And I found myself overcome with jealousy.  Not that he was homeless, obviously.  More that there he was, smack dab in the middle of the day, doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.  I pushed past those feelings in about a microsecond, as they were clearly those of a madwoman, but they struck a chord with me.  Why, for even the briefest of moments, did I want to change places with this fellow?  And the answer was simple.  I wanted a break.  I had woken up at 5 am, taught three Pilates classes, then gone straight into the office, after which I had to look at a house and then meet a friend to workout.  Oh yeah.  And then I had to go home and write.  I was exhausted.  And thus, irrational.  So today, I’m giving myself a break.  I’m checking out of the office at noon and checking into a hotel.  Not a full vacation.  Just an overnight staycation.  Because sometimes you need to give yourself that.  But, like the crazy person I am, it won’t be all R & R.  I’ve booked a photo shoot tomorrow because Heaven forbid I just relax.  But I am still at the point where I consider most blog-related work to be fun, so that’s okay.  I just need to change it up every once in a while so that I don’t burn out.  Moral of the story?  I didn’t want his life.  I just wanted his nap.



Ralph Lauren coat, Topshop overalls, COS long-sleeve shirt, Steve Madden booties, Michelle Mason cashmere beanie, Cristina Ramella “World” cuff, XIV Karats necklace (similar $$$$), Seoul Little “Los Angeles” necklaceCatbird, XIV Karats and ginette_ny rings (similar), MAC lipstick in Lady DangerAS9A0405_LR AS9A0370_LR AS9A0385_LR AS9A0400_LR AS9A0371_LR

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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