Making Do

Camille_083_LRAs I’ve grown older, I’ve come to find that there are some things I’m good at and other things, not so much.  I am good at wasting time, making people laugh, riflery and sleeping on planes.  I suck at keeping plants alive, catching balls, doing my own hair and maintaining an organized desk.  The lists of skills (and lack there of) on both sides are lengthy.  But one thing I’ve come to find that I’m more or less capable of is making do.  This applies to many facets of life, big and small, be it relationships or what’s left in the refrigerator.  I am also becoming quite clever, if I do say so myself, at making do with the contents in my wardrobe.  Plentiful as they are, I will still find myself saying “now if only I had…” inserting some obscure item.  (Yesterday, a pair of dove grey heeled booties was the missing piece of the puzzle.)  Being the do-maker (is that a thing?) that I am though, I make do.  This scrappy approach to dressing has led me to get rather creative in the closet.  Take today’s ensemble.  It started the same as it always does.  Now if only I had…a shorts suit.  Which, of course, I did not.  What I did have, however, was a black blazer and the same shade of shorts a.k.a. a DIY shorts suit.  And, when I couldn’t find the slinky camisole I was envisioning?  Well, I threw on a strappy sports bra instead.  Just because we don’t always have exactly what we want, doesn’t mean we can’t make do.  In the process, we might find that we end up making something pretty cute along the way.


Michelle Mason blazer + shorts, Michi bra, Cristina Ramella “World” cuff, XIV Karats necklace (similar $$$$), Seoul Little “Los Angeles” necklaceCatbird, XIV Karats and ginette_ny rings (similar), MAC lipstick in Lady DangerCamille_107_LR Camille_108_LR Camille_090_LR Camille_089_LR Camille_080_LR Camille_100_LR Camille_073_LR

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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