Top 10- Festival Style Ideas

Camille_028_LRThough I will use literally any excuse to shop, I am very proud to say that I have yet to purchase a single item for this weekend.  Instead, I’ve gone shopping in my closet.  In that spirit, here are a few styling ideas I plan on employing for Coachella and into festival season.  Pulled from The LA Survival Guide archives, my Top 10 Festival Style Ideas.


AS9A2843_LR1.     Tie it back- A head scarf is a win win accessory.  It looks stylish and keeps the hair off your face, so you both look and feel cool.  Camille_164_LR 2.     Slim shady- Sunglasses are obvious.  But, I recommend going big.  Not only do they look chic, they also protect that sensitive skin around your eyes.  Because wrinkles are never in style.AS9A2820_LR3.     It takes two- The vintage two piece is a quintessential music festival look.  Which is great for me, because I own 11 of them.  (I am not exaggerating.)  For those of you without buying disorders, there are quite a few non-vintage options out there available for last-minute delivery.  They’re no-brainers as the matching is done for you, but they appear like you’ve put in some effort.  Which, take it from me, you have not.Camille_143_LR4.     White is right- Rumor has it that these shenanigans can get pretty hot.  I am a huge fan of all white ensembles no matter the weather, but especially when the temperatures start to rise.Camille_091_LR5.     Give the cold shoulder- Can you tell I’m concerned about the heat?  My best friend, the doctor, is fond of telling me that I have the temperature regulation of an obese man.  While I do not love this, she is accurate in the fact that I am either freezing or sweating, with about 10 degrees of comfort in between.  Shoulder-baring looks are big this season and perfect for the outdoor concerts.  Plus, they’re sexy in a less obvious, boobs or butt sort of way.AS9A9542_LR6.     It’s all in the accessories- As my hands are going to be busy with either food, drinks or social media, I won’t have time to carry a handbag.  Luckily, crossbody bags are both in style and super functional.  And, I’ll of course be relying on hats for much-needed sun protection and shade.Camille_070_LR7.     Old school- There is nothing worse than realizing you’re sporting the same fringe as your neighbor.  The only true insurance against this is vintage.as9a4983_hr-e14071264626758.     Pile it on- Hot during the day, cold at night.  Make up your mind.  The weather is unpredictable, which means that you need to be ultra prepared.  I am forever layering, not just for sartorial reasons, but also for my aforementioned sweating and shivering issues.  Layering is also a good way to wear your crop top without showing too much skin if your Coachella diet didn’t got exactly as planned.   AS9A8534_LR9.     Get low- I love heels.  Though I don’t always love the way they feel, I am very vain and I love the way they look.  However, I will try to push past that in favor of comfort.  When you’re on your feet all weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is your shoes.  I’ll be keeping it comfy and, with cool bootie options like these, still pretty stylish.AS9A7446_LR10.     Have fun!- Yes, it’s important to look good.  I mean, I’ve built an entire business around it.  But, more than anything, it’s important to have fun.  I mean, that’s why you’re there in the first place, right?  And nothing is more attractive than someone enjoying themselves.  The clothing is just icing on the cake.

Hair by Drybar, Makeup by Blushington

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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