My Way

I have a few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to getting what I want.  I crack a few jokes.  I find a common interest.  Batting my eyelashes doesn’t hurt, nor does bringing around my cuter than cute dog.  And I wear red.  The last one may sound odd, but it’s a trick that I picked up from my mom.  Maybe it’s because, in our Chinese culture, red is considered a lucky color.  Brides wear red on their wedding day.  I don’t think she was preparing me for my big day (although I’d never put it past my mother!), on special occasions, she often encouraged my sister and I to wear red.  On big auditions, on important interviews and on first dates, she reminded us to wear red.  And, believe it or not, those were often the gigs I booked, the jobs I was offered and the dates that turned into relationships.  I used to think it was because in a sea of black dresses, I’d stand out from the crowd.  As I write this, I’m wondering if it wasn’t a bit of my mother’s superstition that turned the tables in my favor.  Either way, if you see me wearing red, watch out.  Because, chances are, everything is going to go my way.


Vivian Chan “Rosie” top and skort, Zara pumps  Photos by Michele LoBosco

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