What to do when you're undecided and don't know what to wearI have more clothes in my closet than anyone I’ve ever met.  (I am not bragging.  I actually find it rather embarrassing, but it’s the truth.)    Yet recently, I’ve been having a lot of those “I don’t know what to wear” moments.  In a perfect world, I would never been undecided. I could throw on some old sweats with my bathrobe and call it a day.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t fly in the real world, nor does it do justice to my many pretty things.  My styling trick of late has been layering and combining some forgotten pieces to create new looks.  Because, no matter how many options you have, you’re bound to get bored with the same old every now and again.  I’m especially into wearing casual tees under dressier dresses.  It’s an easy way to get more milage out of a frock usually reserved for special occasions.  So even if your wardrobe isn’t embarrassingly large, you can fake your way to extra ensembles.


Mason by Michelle Mason cardigan, Petit Bateau tee, T by Alexander Wang slip dress, Rupert Sanderson heelsit's one of those undecided outfit days when I don't know what to wear!What to do when you're undecided and don't know what to wearMichelle Mason: What to if you're having an undecided "I don't know what to wear" momentPost about the "I don't know what to wear" moment

Photos by Michele LoBosco

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