Just a Little More

Unique printed skirt and top: Why more is betterI hate to say it, but I’m a more is better kinda girl.  And I’ve been using the phrase, “just a little more,” just a little too often as of late.  Just a little more sleep as I hit the snooze button and sleep through Pilates.  Just a little more dessert, taking me from just right to completely stuffed.  Just a little more eyelashes, as I go from Bambi to lady of the night.  But one place where I believe this “just a little more” business works in my favor is when it comes to getting dressed.  Yes, a skirt and blouse makes a totally acceptable outfit.  But wouldn’t just a little more clothing take that ensemble from acceptable to covetable?  If you’re a maximalist like me, the answer is almost always a resounding “yes!”  Which is why I’m currently all about piling it on.  Because what’s better than wearing one look?  Wearing two at the same time, of course!  Take today’s outfit for example.  I am literally wearing two tops and two skirts at once.  Some may say it’s ridiculous.  I prefer not to consult such naysayers.  I say that it’s all about watching your proportions to ensure you look more sartorial and less Michelin Man.  Well, proportions and not sleeping through Pilates…


Camille of the LA Survival Guide wearing printed top with skirt print details Fashion: Why more is better by Camille The La Survival Guide: Camille writes about why more is better in fashion. The LA Survival Guide: Why more is better Camille of the LA Survival Guide discussing why more is better in for fashion.Camille of the LA Survival Guide wearing printed top over white blousemore is better: how to creatively work prints into your outfit.Why sometimes more is better.Photos by Michele LoBosco

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