Legally Brunette

The other day, I read that Legally Blonde just celebrated its 15th anniversary.  Last year.  This made me feel super old.  And uninformed.  It also made me think that, while I’ve always appreciated the quick-witted flick, I’m currently living out a bit of Legally Blonde myself.  Or “Legally Brunette,” if you will.  Sixteen years after the fact.  The genius of Legally Blonde is that it is a sharp, tightly scripted film masquerading as a light-hearted comedy.  But it’s not just a highly quotable movie about a glittery sorority girl-turned-attorney and her pocket pup.  It’s a story jam-packed with morals and life lessons galore, too.  Elle Woods taught us about the “bend and snap” and not to wash your hair after a perm.  She also showed us that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that intelligence and success come in all forms.  It’s these last two idioms I’ve been grappling with as of late.  I have a very real job.  (In the acting world, we used to refer to corporate jobs as “real jobs.”)  I attend serious meetings with established professionals and make big decisions.  I also wear fur shoes, bring my Pipsqueak everywhere and sometimes tie my bathrobe cinch in my hair when I can’t find just the right bow.   So why must my professional ambitions and my personal wardrobe be mutually exclusive?  More often than I’d care to admit, I will have a friend, family member or passerby comment on my choice of attire.  And not in a complimentary way.  Lately, it’s been getting on my nerves.  Or, at least, it was.  Until I remembered my blonde counterpart.  I asked myself what Elle would do.  Would she let the naysayers keep her down?  Not even close.  She’d curl her hair (and probably her dog’s, too), put on her favorite frock and keep on killing it.  Which is exactly what I’m going to do, too.  Just because we love fluffy things, doesn’t mean we aren’t serious, hard-working women.  It just means that we want to take over the world and look cute while we’re doing it.


Photos by Michele LoBosco

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